The Warung

The Warung

An iconic destination perched atop Uluwatu’s dramatic cliffs, Alila Villas Uluwatu is home to opulent villas, as well as the famous and recognisable design darling, Sunset Cabana Bar. in addition, the resort is amped up with curated dining and drinking destinations, one of which is the delightful The Warung. 

Rendang Bunda Tatik

With a name that means traditional food stall in Indonesian, The Warung makes it its priority to serve Indonesian dishes to visiting travellers and diners. Authenticity is paramount when it comes to flavours, so the sambals are actually spicy and there’s no shortcut in the meticulous techniques. 

Redefining the warm hospitality of an Indonesian warung or household, the restaurant is designed to be welcoming and sociable. The pièce de résistance is the long wooden communal table, right in front of the open kitchen, a conversation piece that promises a lively mealtime. The indoor-outdoor dining space allows Bali’s balmy and nicely breezy air in, while the majestic Indian Ocean backdrop makes a sweet cherry on top. 

The mesmerising thing about dining at The Warung is that the experience is infused with wondrous storytelling. Instead of a basket of welcome bread, the restaurant serves various Indonesian sambals, crackers and snacks on a congklak – a traditional Indonesian board game – board. 

Congklak Offering

In true Indonesian style, dining here is meant to be shared with loved ones, with family-style portions. Choose from the white, yellow, or red rice, and order an array of local delicacies. The ultimate must-try is the Rendang Bunda Tatik, made from the family recipe of Executive Sous Chef Sheandy Satria’s mother, which has been passed down for three generations. 

Complete the feast with Balinese duck salad lawar kuwir; terong balado or spicy eggplant; sambal goreng santan udang petai; as well as homemade Balinese-style sausage urutan and blood sausage oret. 

The restaurant also proudly presents the Be Pasih Kelod dining offering. The weekly programme features a curated menu inspired by flavours from the South of Bali. The menu is built around one of the culinary team members, Ketut Suryahartawan’s generations-old family recipes. Diners can experience authentic Balinese cuisine every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To comply with Alila’s commitment to sustainability, all the dishes at The Warung are made using fresh, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. 

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

The Warung

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Jalan Belimbing Sari Tambiyak, Pecatu

Bali 80364, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3618482166




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