Tippling Club


Regulars at Tippling Club are more than used to high quality and inventive cocktails created by the passionate and creative mixologists at the bar. In this most funky and popular Singaporean cocktail hangout helmed by celebrity Chef Ryan Clift, a justifiable favourite and new bestseller is the recently created spicy Bourbon and Amaro Montenegro-based Transatlanticism. The blend of Bulleit Bourbon and Amaro Montenegro guarantees a rich spicy orange base, but it’s the large splash of Angostura Bitters that not only creates a rich red hue but further develops the explosive flavours of caramelised fruit and spice. It’s delicious on its own and perfect with the selection of Clift’s chilled desserts.




10ml Homemade Gomme Syrup

10ml Bulleit Bourbon

10ml Angostura Bitters

20ml Orange Juice

10ml Lemon Juice

45ml Amaro Montenegro


To Mix  


1. Combine all ingredients in a cobbler filled with ice.

2. Shake well until nicely mixed.

3. Pour into a coupette glass.

4. Garnish with edible paper (soaked in angostura bitters and sugar and then dried).

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