Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish & Ottoman Cuisine

Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish & Ottoman Cuisine

Ensconced in the bustling culinary district of South Jakarta, Turkuaz transports guests straight to the heart of an Istanbul restaurant-gallery. It offers everything there is to know about Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, including the cultural, travel and educational sides, as well as a visually alluring interior design. In fact, alluring is putting it mildly, because Turkuaz is a true design haven, full of Turkish trinkets and ornaments adorning every corner.

A bespoke chandelier made out of traditional Turkish tulip-shaped tea glasses welcomes guests as they step into the colourful lobby. The walls are painted in the country’s national colour of turquoise, the furniture for every dining area, private room and lounge is also custom-made, and most of the the historic decorations are authentic and hand carried from Turkey. Founder and Executive Chef Sezai Zorlu built everything in the restaurant in devoted honour of his childhood.

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Of course, memorabilia is not the only thing Chef Sezai brought into the restaurant. Being the only Ottoman-Turkish chef in Asia, he is determined to preserve the cooking methods and recipes to keep them as authentic as possible. The cuisine includes the food cultures of Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, with parts of the Caucasus and the Middle East. Diners can relish signature flavours such as lamb shank and adana kebabs, or other favourites that include yayla and shish kebabs. Completing the Turkish experience is a selection of the country’s sweet desserts, including the ever popular baklava and rice pudding, as well as Turkish tea and coffee. 

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Turkuaz – Authentic Turkish & Ottoman Cuisine

Jalan Gunawarman No. 32

Jakarta 12110, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2172795846

W: turkuazjakarta.com