Unique Concept Dining: Api Jiwa at Capella Ubud, Bali

Unique Concept Dining: Api Jiwa at Capella Ubud, Bali

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Capella Ubud, Bali, an enclave of tranquillity emerges, seamlessly blending nature’s serenity with opulent luxury. Architect Bill Bensley’s artistry has fashioned the resort into an extraordinary tented camp, an ode to the bold European settlers of the 1800s who ventured into these lush forests.

Egg Chawanmushi

Among the culinary gems adorning this haven, Api Jiwa stands as a beacon of inventive gastronomy and cultural fusion. Translating to fire to the soul in Indonesian, Api Jiwa is a culinary odyssey that ignites the senses with a celebration of Asian flavours. Enshrined within an artfully designed open-air restaurant, Api Jiwa’s stage is set for a captivating display of culinary craftsmanship that unfolds before diners’ eyes.

Whether seated at the chef’s counter, immersed in the artistry of the kitchen or nestled in the intimacy of the private dining table, guests are treated to a meticulously curated journey of textures, tastes and aromas. Each course at Api Jiwa is a testament to Bali’s finest produce, meticulously woven into an unexpected tapestry of delights that transport diners on an expedition of the unexpected.

Reflecting the resort’s overarching steampunk-inspired aesthetic, Api Jiwa’s design elements merge artistic sensibilities, setting the stage for an unparalleled dining experience. This unique blend exudes refinement, intimacy and a personal connection that resonates deeply.

At the heart of Api Jiwa’s allure lies its signature Asian omakase-style menu, curated by the skilled Director of Culinary Nicola Russo and the culinary team. A tantalising sequence of 10 courses, this culinary voyage unfurls the day’s freshest ingredients, shrouding each dinner in an air of anticipation and surprise. In a nod to inclusivity, Api Jiwa extends its innovative culinary excellence to plant-based diners through a carefully crafted sample menu that echoes the same level of ingenuity and culinary prowess.  

Sumatran River Prawn & Nasi Goreng


  • Semi-open dining experience in the middle of the jungle
  • Omakase-style concept with elevated Asian flavours
  • Chef’s table seating for an enhanced experience

Exquisite Taste Volume 42

Api Jiwa

Capella Ubud, Bali

Jalan Raya Dalem, Keliki, Ubud

Bali 80561, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3612091888

E: info.ubud@capellahotels.com

W: capellahotels.com/capella-ubud

IG: @apijiwaubud