Unique Concept Dining: Koral Restaurant at The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Unique Concept Dining: Koral Restaurant at The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Since opening in 2019, The Apurva Kempinski Bali has quickly cemented itself as the ultimate gastronomy destination in Bali. Majestically positioned on a cliff in Nusa Dua, the resort is home to several great dining outlets, including Koral Restaurant, the island’s first underwater restaurant, showcasing an unforgettable aquarium dining experience.

Architecturally, Koral is the most unique dining venue on the island. Brilliantly designed and constructed, guests are wowed from the moment they descend the stairs into an epicurean aquatic wonderland. Inside the restaurant, teak ceilings and walls of traditional red clay bricks frame the underwater views, while underfoot, elegant black and white tegel tiles popular in royal courts further add to the sense of historic splendour. Within the aquarium, tropical fish swirl in a kaleidoscope of colours, creating a mesmerising backdrop for the diners.

Blue Crab

Beyond the unrivalled ambience, Koral has also gained quite some followers thanks to its creative gastronomic offerings, combining locally sourced fine ingredients, fresh and seasonal products, resulting in an array of surprising compositions that will impress the palate.

Before starting the culinary journey, Koral offers what it terms as a bistronomic experience – combining fine dining and high levels of attentive service with a laidback ambience. Guests can take a seat and relax in the delightful lounge and bar area for pre- or post-dinner drinks, which include an extensive, curated wine and cocktail list, or go directly to their table. While the feel is rustic, the attention to detail is stellar.

Afterwards, indulge in masterful and imaginative gastronomic creations. The food is inspired by Indonesia’s coastal flavours and crafted from local ingredients, served beautifully on stylish plates created especially for the restaurant, conveying the culinary team’s artistic flair and dedication to serving only the very best.

The restaurant offers your palate several degustation menus paired with wine.

The Koral Degustation menu is a six-course set menu filled with premium ingredients ranging from Japanese oyster with Oscietra caviar, veal cooked morel mushroom and Italian black truffle and slow-cooked spiny lobster served with bisque coulis. The Koral Gourmet is a five-course set menu featuring dishes such as wagyu beef, barramundi and lobster. Meanwhile, The Experience menu allows guests to enjoy four courses of its signature dishes with delightful selections such as blue crab, salmon and white snapper. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available at Koral for those with diet restrictions.

To add to the attraction of Koral, the restaurant prioritises supporting local communities by partnering with farmers, fishermen and artisans for high-quality ingredients. Sourcing locally, it reduces transportation emissions and contributes to the local economy. To minimise food waste, the restaurant implements portion control and transforms waste into nutrient-rich compost for the hydroponic garden.  


  • The first and largest aquarium restaurant in Indonesia
  • Delightful creations of local ingredients with European twist
  • Creative cocktail concoctions

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Koral Restaurant

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