Unique Concept Dining: Varuna Underwater Theatrical Dining at Taman Safari Bali

Unique Concept Dining: Varuna Underwater Theatrical Dining at Taman Safari Bali

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Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Bali, a groundbreaking and immersive addition has recently graced the island’s repertoire of attractions. Taman Safari Bali proudly introduces Varuna Underwater Theatrical Dining, an unprecedented venture in Indonesia’s vibrant tourism landscape, promising an extraordinary sensory journey that seamlessly intertwines dining with a breathtaking underwater theatrical performance. Unveiled in December 2023, Varuna – dubbed as a voyage of flavours and fantasy – serves as a precursor to the eagerly awaited Marine Safari Bali, an integral part of Taman Safari Bali, poised to open its doors later this year.

Varuna sets out with the ambitious goal of showcasing the mesmerising underwater wonders of Bali, offering a unique fusion of an innovative dining experience and a spectacular underwater theatrical performance that captivates audiences both locally and globally.

Situated within the expansive grounds of Taman Safari Bali, sprawling across 50 hectares and home to over 2,500 animals from around the world, Varuna creates an enchanting tapestry for its guests. The experience unfolds as patrons indulge in delectable meals while being immersed in a spellbinding show. Varuna’s narrative is brought to life through a magical blend of paper animation, shadow puppetry and captivating performances, all orchestrated under the guidance of the esteemed technical advisor, Peter Wilson.

Beyond its role as a source of entertainment, Varuna also stands as a champion for sustainability and marine conservation. The show’s cutting-edge technology and displays prioritise the preservation of wildlife, underscoring Bali’s steadfast commitment to ecological harmony and the protection of its natural treasures.

Varuna’s celebration of Balinese culture is evident in its collaborations between international and local artists. This fusion of traditional Balinese artistry with contemporary theatre promises a deep and immersive underwater odyssey, setting a new benchmark for Indonesia’s contributions to the global stage of live performances.

In its entirety, Varuna emerges as a pioneering force, seamlessly fusing entertainment, conservation and cultural celebration into an unforgettable spectacle. Its inception marks the dawn of a new era in tourism, inviting travellers from around the globe to plunge into Bali’s mystical underwater wonders and bask in the richness of its cultural opulence. Varuna stands as a testament to Bali’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation while preserving the essence of its natural and cultural treasures.  


  • Combination of dining and theatre
  • Captivating underwater performance
  • Cultural collaborations between local and international artists

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Varuna Underwater Theatrical Dining

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