Unique Concept Dining: Shu Cuisine & Bar

Unique Concept Dining: Shu Cuisine & Bar

Tucked away in the most posh shopping centre in the city, Shu Cuisine & Bar invites daring diners to experience a delicious culinary adventure delving into the flavours of Sichuan cuisine. The vibrant ambience, impeccable service and thoughtfully designed menu, which blends contemporary culinary artistry with traditional Chinese techniques, take your dining experience to a whole new level.

The Pure One, Steam Egg in Clam Broth & Stir Fry String Beans with Minced Pork

Highlighted at Shu Cuisine & Bar is Sichuan Mala, a Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan province known for its strong and spicy flavours. The term Mala literally translates to numbing spice, and this sensation is masterfully incorporated into Shu Cuisine & Bar’s dishes, creating a symphony of flavours that leave you wanting more.

The talented culinary team takes pride in sourcing authentic Sichuan Mala ingredients, including the famed Sichuan peppercorns, fiery chilli peppers and a medley of aromatic spices. Signature dishes like the steamed grouper with season hot chilli sauce are drenched in red hot oil that goes well with steaming white rice. Another highlight that needs to be on your radar is the roasted duck truffle with a crispy interior but succulent on the inside.

In addition to its excellent food, the restaurant has a chic cocktail bar that honours the rich history of the Orient. The elegant bar serves up an array of creative concoctions that beautifully complement the bold flavours of the Sichuan Mala cuisine. Indulge your senses with unique libations like the refreshing Passion For Asian or go bold with the Dragon’s Breath.  


  • Authentic Sichuan Mala cuisine in the heart of Jakarta
  • Elegant dining space
  • An array of creative cocktails inspired by the Orient

Exquisite Taste Volume 42

Shu Cuisine & Bar

Plaza Indonesia

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81367002088

IG: @shucuisine_official