Unique Concept Dining: Rūmu & Chanba Private Room Grill

Unique Concept Dining: Rūmu & Chanba Private Room Grill

Rūmu Private Room Grill emerges as a transformative force in the dynamic dining landscape of Jakarta, seamlessly blending the culinary artistry of Japanese and Korean grills to craft an unparalleled and exclusive gastronomic venture. Situated in the vibrant Melawai area, Rūmu has rapidly captivated the discerning palates of food enthusiasts, earning acclaim for its meticulous attention to detail, top-tier meats and immersive atmosphere.

Rūmu Private Room Grill

The heartbeat of Rūmu resonates within its bespoke private rooms, meticulously designed to evoke an ambience of intimacy and comfort. Each room is a sanctuary tailored to diverse preferences, with some

featuring entertainment amenities such as expansive big-screen TVs and karaoke setups. The restaurant comprises rooms tailored for two to 35 people, accommodating various needs from casual dining to intimate dinners and special events like birthdays, bridal showers, corporate gatherings and exclusive showcases.

Japanese Shabu-Shabu

What sets Rūmu apart from its counterparts is not only its commitment to an exceptional private room dining experience but also its extensive selection of premium meats and an array of signature Japanese and Korean delicacies. The culinary voyage at Rūmu features notable highlights, including the famous Japanese A5 Kagoshima platter. Diners can also relish in hearty Japanese shabu-shabu, seafood and an extensive selection of Japanese-Korean specialties, including the indulgent stuffed chicken wings, a testament to the chef’s innovative approach.

Situated in Jakarta’s upscale Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area, Chanba Private Room Grill, shares the same commitment to the private room grill concept. Together, under Tasa Group, Rūmu and Chanba offer distinctive yet complementary dining experiences. Chanba provides the same privileges found at Rūmu, not only from the intimate ambience retained from the private rooms’ facilities and entertainment, but also from the culinary delights it offers. Chanba distinguishes itself by offering a diverse menu that includes pork options, catering to the preferences of guests in the area. 

A5 Kagoshima Platter

Dedicating itself to customer satisfaction, Tasa Group prides Rūmu and Chanba as family-friendly destinations. To enhance the dining experience, creative activities for children are available, complemented by exclusive perks and benefits offered through individual and corporate membership programmes. 

Chanba Private Room Grill

In response to the increasing demand for private dining experiences, Chanba is gearing up to introduce a new outlet in the Kelapa Gading area by the end of February 2024. This expansion not only caters to the escalating demand for private dining experiences but also emphasises the group’s unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary culinary encounters.  


  • Exclusive VIP private room
  • Big-screen TV and karaoke setup
  • Japanese- and Korean-style grill

Exquisite Taste Volume 42

Chanba Private Room Grill

Ruko Crown Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Jakarta 14470, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81258885006

W: tasagroup.co.id

IG: @chanba.jkt

Rūmu Private Room Grill

Jalan Adityawarman

Jakarta 12160, Indonesia

T: (+62) 82121220009

W: tasagroup.co.id

IG: @rumujkt