Vincent Leewellyn, Chief Operating Officer at VELVET.INC (The Coffee Academïcs Indonesia)

Vincent Leewellyn, Chief Operating Officer at VELVET.INC (The Coffee Academïcs Indonesia)

Vincent Leewellyn

E: Tell us about how you started in the F&B business.

A: I first started my career in this industry around 10 years ago, and now I am COO of VELVET.INC, a part of BLVEPRINT Destinations, which provides integrated property services to create a better space for people to work, live and visit, focusing on retail and lifestyle destinations. VELVET.INC itself is a part of BLVEPRINT Destinations, which creates a wide spectrum of unique F&B concept destinations. Our first project is managing The Coffee Academïcs Indonesia, an international speciality coffee brand from Hong Kong.

The Coffee Academïcs has been a proud recipient of many international awards and accolades in the coffee industry. Our first flagship store in Indonesia is located at the lobby level of ASHTA District 8 in SCBD and offers a full dining experience.

E: Can you elaborate more about The Coffee Academïcs, why did you bring The Coffee Academïcs to Indonesia?

A: Originally from Hong Kong, The Coffee Academïcs is a lifestyle brand that serves speciality coffee along with an all-day dining menu that customers can enjoy from breakfast until dinner. In Indonesia, The Coffee Academïcs has signature coffees, such as Okinawa, Manuka, Java and Agave. In the food department, customers can enjoy a selection ranging from pasta laksa, lobster sandwiches, Soto Betawi, and more. We believe that The Coffee Academïcs will bring an unique and new experience for specialty coffee in Indonesia.

E: You’ve been working with Jakarta and Indonesia’s top F&B brands. What do you think is the common mentality and vision among those brands that you have learned along the way?

A: The mentality and vision that must be possessed in this business are to focus on customer-orientation, while also having some basic approaches, such as providing high-quality food and beverages, professional and attentive service, and lastly, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the guests.

E: You have a very impressive resume. What motivates you to improve?

A: I often push myself beyond my limits and outside of my comfort zone. This is because if we are in our comfort zone for too long, it makes it hard for us to learn new things. I also try to always think positively, set realistic goals and always be consistent.

E: As the Chief Operating Office at VELVET.INC, how did you market your vision and creation? What is the single most defining differentiation of your group?

A: VELVET.INC provides a wide range of hospitality services, building a legacy brand and experience for the customer, including F&B concept development, operational development and management, marketing and programming, and strategy and implementation. We take brand representation very seriously, bringing into the market hand-picked F&B concepts and brands.

E: So, what does a typical working day look like for you? 

A: A typical work day for me is being responsible for advising my team as they progress with various activities, such as operations, marketing, product development and projects. I also develop the achieved plans and make decisions within the organisation.

E: Based on your experience, which one do you prefer: joining a big group, or building a new one?

A: The most interesting is to build a new one because we can invest our time and energy into something that we love and watch it grow. 

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