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Bebek Timbungan

Megibung Package

Upon the topic of Balinese cuisine, most foodies could name babi guling (suckling pig), ayam betutu or crispy duck, but if you haven’t heard of bebek timbungan, then it’s high time you did. Bebek means duck, while timbungan comes from the word embung, which means bamboo. The namesake Bebek Timbungan restaurant highlights just that, a speciality duck dish that has been marinated in a genep (traditional Balinese spicy sauce) base and cooked inside bamboo.

Like most Balinese cuisine, which is known for its bold flavours and use of rich spices, bebek timbungan is flavoursome all the way to the bone. The cooking process, which takes up to 15 hours, creates an unrivalled smoky quality and also the juiciness that one looks for in a duck dish.

Bebek timbungan isn’t the only ace card offered by Bebek Timbungan restaurant. With Balinese Heritage Cuisine as the main concept, the menu offers a wide variety of scrumptious Balinese dishes from the refreshing sari segara sup bening (seafood soup) and traditional sop ares (banana stem soup), to hearty mains, like ayam baka biru maru and sate bawah pohon jambu.

The hearty portions of Bebek Timbungan’s dishes are perfect for a family-style sharing dining experience, especially with the Megibung package. Megibung is a tradition from Bali’s Karangasem region where a group of people share a big feast. The package comprises sharing portions of yellow rice, bebek timbungan, fish and chicken sate lilit, fried prawns, two kinds of vegetable and three kinds of sambal.

Bebek Timbungan also serves refreshing drinks inspired by traditional beverages, and the same thing goes for the dessert selection. The casual and comfortable, yet stylish ambience of the restaurant adds a perfect touch to the dining experience at Bebek Timbungan.

Must try:

  • Megibung Package
  • Sate Bawah Pohon Jambu
  • Sari Segara Sup Bening

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Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: (+62) 81138003222

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