A Flavourful Punch

A Flavourful Punch


An intimate bar found at the stylish The London EDITION, Punch Room is a reservation-only venue that transports you back to the sleekness of the 20th century through a dazzling line up of libations.

by Rizky Adityo

Standing majestically in one of London’s most sophisticated areas, The London EDITION treats guests to upscale modern living infused with long-standing British traditions. A superb creation from the mind of Ian Schrager, the founder of the iconic Studio 54, the luxury hotel boasts world-class facilities, including Punch Room, an award-winning drinking den.

Nestled at the back of the hotel, Punch Room is one of London’s most celebrated cocktail bars. True to its name, the dimly lit, oak-panelled hideaway only has one thing on the menu: punch in every shape and form. Helmed by Bars Manager Anthony Callegari, this cocktail bar is a contemporary reincarnation of London’s 19th century private clubs. With locations in London, Shanghai, Barcelona and Madrid, it’s a spot where guests are invited to slowly sip and savour a drink without distraction. Each space features custom furnishings, including deep tufted banquettes in teal velvet, overstuffed mint green leather tub chairs and dark brown leather club chairs, which help set just the right mood.


In London, Punch Room has just reopened after a brief hiatus, and to celebrate, Callegari has created a new menu titled Inception. This new menu takes inspiration from four influential figures from the history of punch, each who transformed the evolution of the drink through new ingredients, techniques and concepts. Each chapter of the menu contains five reiterations of punch focussing on one key flavour – each represented through past, classic, present, future and non-alcoholic expressions. Beginning with the cocktail’s original inception, the format allows guests to travel through time to explore the different variations of each drink through the eras.

For example, Chapter 1 is based on the adventures and travels of 17th century German explorer Johan Albrecht de Mandelslo. In this chapter, guests can savour flavours that include the fruits, herbs and spices he encountered on his travels through Persia, and in particular his much-admired Indian Roses. The collection of five punches includes the Monsoon Punch made with Glenfiddich and rose petal tea, while the Nepalese Gimlet combines rose and hibiscus haku with Grand Marnier.


Chapter 2 is all about the 18th century author Eliza Smith, a pioneer of home cooking who worked amongst the upper class of society and created some of the most loved foods in the United Kingdom. She also happened to be a great lover of wines, cordials, medicines and salves, with a focus on hops and quinine.

Chapter 3 is a homage to Charles Dickens and his love for tea; this chapter is filled with tea punches infused with spice and alcohol. The final chapter is linked to the world-renowned author, publisher, drinks consultant and cocktail historian, Jared Brown. As the master distiller and co-founder of Sipsmith Gin, Jared is the author of over 30 books on alcohol and its history. The prominent flavours in this chapter are based on his love of gardening, with herbs and grapes infused throughout.

Punch Room at The London EDITION

10 Berners Street London

W1T 3NP,United Kingdom

T: (+44) 2077810000