The Nikkei Approach

The Nikkei Approach


Monomono Bar & Social Dining is bringing the unmistakeable combination of Japanese and Peruvian flavours to Bandung.

by Runi Indrani

If you have ever been to The Gaia Hotel Bandung, you know how fantastic the hotel is. Without getting in too deep about each and every unique point of the hotel, we can all agree that the magnificent architecture and the scenic location are what grab our attention in the first place.

These qualities extend to the hotel’s stylish restaurant, Monomono Bar & Social Dining. Coming into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a sleek, modern reception area and a large rectangular bar showcasing a premium repertoire of liquor. Add to that the warm, friendly welcome by the residents – that’s how The Gaia Hotel Bandung refers to its team – and that’s just the start of an unforgettable dining and drinking experience. Stop by the bar for a bit and enjoy a sip or two of the creative cocktails, you never know if your aperitif session will turn into more social opportunities.


Step further in and you will see an alluring, expansive dining area, inviting you to sit down and enjoy the exciting culinary treats to come. Whether it’s the centre seating or the more private circular booths, the choice is yours. Of course, when in Bandung, you need to experience the fresh, cool air of the vicinity, and that’s why we suggest you check out the outdoor dining area. The lengthy outdoor dining area overlooks the hotel’s massive swimming pool below and offers a glimpse of the newly opened Monomono Now Bar upstairs with its iconic waterfall, and the best of all, the area’s lush natural surroundings.

Monomono is known and loved as the first restaurant to bring the concept of Nikkei cuisine to Bandung. Mono means thing in Japanese, and the name Monomono aims to show the magic and endless possibilities when two things come together, just as Japanese and South American flavours are combined in Nikkei cuisine. In addition to the Nikkei delights, Monomono also takes pride in its Argentinian grill selection.

Start with cold starters of ceviche or tiradito, and hot starters of empanadas or provoleta. Check out the salad, soup or maki sections as well. The main courses are stellar with options including the grilled wild Alaskan salmon fillet in miso yuzu glaze, the duck leg confit in Peruvian herbs sauce, and the Peruvian-style braised spring chicken.

Carnivores, rejoice and bask in the Menu de Asado – or grilled menu, parading premium cuts of beef and lamb cooked to perfection and served with the sauce of your choice. The meat menu also offers a variety of side dishes, including coriander Peruvian rice and truffle parmesan fries. Keep an eye on the cordero de asado – whole lamb grilled over an open wood and coal fire for seven hours – every Friday for dinner and Saturday for lunch.

A visit to a Nikkei restaurant isn’t complete without ending the experience with a sweet note of dulce de leche. Don’t rush to leave, as the evening is calling you to discover more fun at the Monomono Now Bar just a storey away.

Monomono Bar & Social Dining at The Gaia Hotel Bandung
Jalan Dr. Setiabudi No. 430 Ledeng, Cidadap, Bandung, West Java 40143
T: (+62) 2220280780