An Appetising Debut in Singapore

An Appetising Debut in Singapore

Hyatt and Sergio Herman Group to open Antwerp’s Michelin-starred Le Pristine in Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Le Pristine, a new restaurant concept at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, has been unveiled by Hyatt and Sergio Herman Group. The renowned Michelin-starred chef-entrepreneur Sergio Herman will make his Asian debut at Le Pristine Singapore, which is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2023.

Le Pristine Singapore will build on the success of the original casual fine dining outpost in Antwerp which received a Michelin star in its first year of operations. It is renowned for serving up contemporary European cuisine accentuated with fresh produce from Zeeland, the Netherlands — the region where chef-entrepreneur Sergio Herman was born and known for its exceptional quality of seafood.

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Guests can expect the embodiment of a sophisticated celebration of life and creativity expressed in five pillars: food, fashion, design, art and music. The immersive experience will bring together chef Sergio Herman’s exceptional eye for detail and steadfast commitment to the highest quality of gastronomy and hospitality while spotlighting Dutch design, rarely seen outside of Europe.

At Le Pristine Singapore, these pillars will come together and set the stage for Sergio Herman’s heritage and his life’s work in using produce from Zeeland, the coastal Southwest province of the Netherlands that faces the North Sea. It is the largest farming region in the country with rich soils, ample sunshine, pristine waters and sea-washed river banks, known for producing some of Europe’s most succulent crustaceans.

“A restaurant is not just about food,” explains Sergio Herman, founding owner of Sergio Herman Group. “It’s a blank canvas where we can truly celebrate being creative. Ideas can radiate out from every corner of the restaurant, from the aesthetics of our food to the design of the furnishings and even the choice of music, which is the driving force in setting the mood and ambience.”

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