A Belvedere Night Out with Skrillex

A Belvedere Night Out with Skrillex

Presenting its annual Belvedere Summer event, the premium vodka brand brought all the fun to Finns Beach Club with a multi-award-winning artist.

Partygoers in Bali had a night to remember as they danced the night away at Finns Beach Club, where the electrifying beats of Skrillex set the stage for an unforgettable evening. Adding an extra layer of excitement to this epic night was the presence of Belvedere vodka, turning the event into a thrilling and vibrant party.

Held on 27 September 2023, the combination of world-renowned Skrillex and the luxurious Belvedere created a sensational atmosphere during The Belvedere Summer event. Known worldwide as the party that redefines summer, the party also saw other artists such as Kenny Beats and JYOTY.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and the golden hour cast its enchanting glow over the stunning shores of Bali, Finns Beach Club came alive. The sea breeze carried with it the promise of a night to remember. The venue, with its bamboo architecture and crystal-clear infinity pool, was transformed into a playground for night owls and music enthusiasts.

Belvedere, with its premium quality and smooth taste, added a touch of sophistication to the party. Sipped in innovative cocktails or straight, it provided the perfect fuel for an unforgettable evening. The Belvedere-sponsored bar was a hub of activity, where mixologists concocted libations that perfectly complemented the pulsating beats of the night.

As the music intensified, the crowd’s energy surged. Skrillex’s mastery of the decks had everyone in a trance. The light show, synchronised with the music, painted the night with vivid colours, and the dance floor became a place of liberation.

Finns Beach Club, situated on the mystical Berawa Beach, offered the ideal backdrop to this incredible experience. With the sand underfoot and the waves as a soothing accompaniment, the combination of Belvedere and the atmospheric music turned an ordinary night into a celebration of life, connection and pure joy.