Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria

Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria

Located in Vasa Hotel Surabaya, Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria brings a touch of the South American country to the East Javanese city. Inspired by authentic Brazilian steakhouses, the restaurant prides itself on its wide array of high-quality meat. The restaurant sees a modern bistro-style interior, with ambient lighting and exquisite details, with an elaborate bar at the far end of the dining area. 

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The carnivorous offerings cover 18 varieties of beef, lamb and chicken, on top of the illustrious beverage selection. You can choose from the Supreme package, serving 18 varieties of meat; or the Premium package, showcasing 15 varieties of meat. Drawing inspiration from South American culinary techniques, the meats are seasoned using rock sea salt before being slow-roasted over an open flame.

The Pasador, wearing a South Brazilian gaucho outfit, goes from table to table to serve endless meat offerings on skewers. One of the highlights at Chamas is the picanha, a Brazilian-style cut, better known as sirloin cap. Picanha is much loved for its succulent texture and juicy flavour. 

Take your time to make the most of the bar before or after the meal. A wide selection of innovative and classic cocktails is available to choose from, in addition to the rich collection of the finest wines to pair with your meal. Complementing the experience at Chamas is the nightly live music from the city’s best talents.

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Chamas Brazilian Churrascaria

Vasa Hotel Surabaya

Jalan H.R. Muhamad

Surabaya 60189, Indonesia

T: (+62) 317301888