Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine

Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine

Food connoisseurs in Surabaya with a penchant for rich and vibrant Chinese flavours should visit Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine at Vasa Hotel Surabaya. The five-star restaurant boasts a sophisticated ambience and is adorned with oriental-themed aesthetics, making the venue an ideal place for an intimate date or for a festive feast with the whole family. 

The banquet-style dining destination offers discerning diners a bountiful menu of authentic Chinese dining experiences, including all-you-can-eat dim sum, Peking duck, or for a heartier option, the minced beef soup with horenso and enoki mushroom is a comforting choice. The wok-fried beef rice noodles with XO sauce is also a favourite among regulars. Another signature dish to try at Xiang Fu Hai is the poached village chicken with apple smoked wood. 

Regional dishes with a more contemporary twist are also available. Try the deep-fried baby squid with honey sauce and be enticed by its combination of flavours. The seafood curry served inside a golden pillow bread is delicious and perfect for sharing. Meanwhile, the cheesy baked seafood rice with abalone F6 served on a hotplate is simply divine, combining the freshness from the abalone with the richness of the melted cheese. 

All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum

Using only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients, combined with meticulous preparation and delicate presentation, the skilled culinary team at Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine brings years of experience to ensure diners leave the restaurant satisfied. The restaurant also offers several private dining rooms, ideal for guests who want to host an intimate gathering with friends, family or colleagues.

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Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine

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