Marco Riva

Marco Riva

Executive Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

With a glittering career spanning across cities in America, Europe and Asia and successful stints in countless luxurious resorts and five-star hotels, one would not begrudge Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta’s Executive Chef Marco Riva a little pride in his achievements. However, Chef Marco is as warm and humble as one gets, valuing the contributions and input of every single one of his team members. You can feel the warm camaraderie in his kitchen. He shares a story of how he once learnt to speed-peel a shrimp with a fork from an enterprising Peruvian dishwasher in the back of the kitchen. “You can learn from anybody”, Chef Riva enthuses, almost like a mantra.

A passionate approach to constantly push the boundaries of innovation in the kitchen sets Chef Marco apart from his peers. Keeping at heart his traditional Italian background, Chef Marco is a masterful chef with classical Italian techniques. However, he loves testing new ideas and combinations gathered from all his experiences and travels.

Caprese Campana

Chef Marco’s signature dish is Caprese Campana, his personal rendition of an Italian classic with origins in Campania – a vibrant yet delicate appetiser of fresh Burratina cheese, colourful cherry tomatoes, balsamic caviar, finished with a dash of beetroot sauce and a sprinkle of Barolo salt. A sublime marriage of flavours, this nutritious dish is packed with delightful taste sensations.

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