Classic RIVA Mojito

Classic RIVA Mojito

The Park Lane


The all-new RIVA grill, bar and terrace has recently added an extensive list of signature cocktails to its new menu. Among these are a selection of Mojitos, with the option of a Classic RIVA Mojito, the Strawberry RIVA Mojito and the Apple RIVA Mojito, each one made with the freshest ingredients. The Classic RIVA Mojito, being our favourite, isn’t a complete newcomer though. The previous RIVA Mojito consisted of all the original Mojito ingredients; white rum, fresh lime, syrup, mint leaves and sparkling water, so now, RIVA have jazzed up their Classic Mojito by using sparkling wine on top of the glass instead of sparkling water, introducing a remarkably refreshing and sweet taste to the classic. We’re never going to settle for the original again…




45ml Bacardi

35ml Homemade Simple Syrup

100ml Bellagio Sparkling Wine

6 wedges Fresh Lime

7 Mint Leaves

1 Single Scoop of Ice


To Mix:


1. Muddle the fresh lime in a glass with the mint leaves.

2.  Add in the Simple Syrup and Bacardi and toss in a single scoop of ice.

3. Shake well.

4. Pour into a Highball glass and top up with the sparkling wine.

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