Jack Yoss

Jack Yoss

Director of Cuisine AT W Bali – Seminyak

Totally immersed and inspired by his love of food and cooking – from the streets around the world to Michelin-starred restaurants – Jack Yoss loves to create, develop and refine dishes inspired by both his experience and extensive personal travels.

As a chef, Jack is a strong advocate of sourcing local produce and collaborates with local farmers to help improve both quality and choice with often stunning results. Diners can explore Jack’s full gamut of delicious culinary creations at W Bali – Seminyak, where his love of pan-Asian cuisine, the local culture, ultra fresh seafood, sublime premium cuts of beef and “raw, rare and naked” flavours abound in FIRE and Starfish Bloo.

Jack was trained by Wolfgang Puck early in his professional life, but the highlight of his career was presenting and consulting on the world’s 50 best restaurants awards, where he gave a speech on sustainability and traceability.


Pepper-seared Grade A+ Tuna à la Pascal

This dish was inspired and put on the FIRE menu for our most loyal guest, Pascal. When creating the new dinner menu I was looking for inspiration and Pascal gave it to me in the way he loves pepper-seared tuna. We put a French spin on the dish and debuted it on the menu with his name clearly in the headline for him. We are always looking for ways to delight our repeater guests and as he dines with us three times a week it gets challenging!

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