Jovan Koraag

Jovan Koraag

Executive Chef at Frestro & Bar

Talented Indonesian chef Jovan Koraag is the middle of seven brothers and had no interest in cooking until, in his late teens, he watched Jamie Oliver on TV and realised that chefs weren’t always stuck out back in the kitchen. This was a life-changing moment for Jovan as he decided to give up football, despite playing on the national Indonesian U-18 team and pursue a career as a chef.

Jovan first started his career in the competitive Singapore restaurant scene, eventually finding his true calling at Frestro & Bar in Bali, where he indulges his passion for all things edible.

Inspired by his surroundings, his curiosity about everything, the people he meets and how to make them smile, he revels in the bounty of super-fresh local ingredients and loves to develop and refine dishes that delight diners and push the boundaries of his knowledge.

Ultimate Klappertaart

Klappertaart brings back childhood memories for me and this Ultimate Klappertaart is deconstructed young coconut cake my way. Combining sweet braised young coconut with pistachio, almond, white chocolate creamoux and gin creates fantastic sweet, earthy and fresh flavours.

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