Marukoban Tataki

at The St. Regis Bali Resort

As the flagship restaurant of the finest and swankiest address in Bali that is The St. Regis Bali Resort, only a few – if any at all – can compete with Kayuputi. Highly talented and innovative Chef Agung Gede is at the helm, and with an outstandingly skilled team, the restaurant’s concept of Asian-influenced haute cuisine is unmistakeable. Cleverly combining Asian flavours with western techniques, Kayuputi brings presentations and flavours to a state-of-the-art level. Kayuputi is also famed for its Astor Diamond Champagne Sunday Brunch that sets a new standard for brunch with its exquisite dishes and bubbly tipples.

A big part of Kayuputi’s coveted menu comprises high-quality seafood. The scallops are from Japan and the salmon is also imported, but Gede uses locally sourced seafood as much as he can. He also explains that sustainability is an important factor that plays a big role in determining the menu. The tuna used at Kayuputi is all caught responsibly. What’s even more impressive is Gede and his team are launching more dishes using a greater selection of fish from Japan that have been bred in Indonesia.

Agung Gede

Chef Gede’s famed signature dishes include the Nyegara Gunung, a refined take on the classic surf and turf. “I try to combine the sea and land in this dish of lobster and meat. The challenge is how to make the sauce and use techniques so that the two ingredients complement each other to be one well-balanced dish, not two separate meals.”

Gede says that he likes to keep updating the menu, so that even the classic dishes evolve accordingly with time. Another crowd favourite is the organic black rice risotto, served with luscious shrimps and octopus carpaccio over lush coconut béchamel. The lobster har gao is a unique dish served with butter-poached lobster tail and laksa-flavoured lobster bisque. This one is a sample of an older dish that has been fine-tuned – it used to be served with tom yam-flavour lobster bisque. The latest seafood superstar is the marukoban tataki served with ponzu sauce.

Signature Seafood:

Marukoban tataki, Lobster har gao & Organic black rice risotto with shrimp and octopus carpaccio

The St. Regis Bali Resort
ITDC, Nusa Dua
Bali 80363, Indonesia
T: (+62) 3618478111
E: kayuputi.bali@stregis.com

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