Ketut Wijaya

Ketut Wijaya

Executive Vice President – Transaction Banking Business Development of PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.

Executive Vice President for Transaction Banking Business Development at one of Indonesia’s most prestigious banking institutions, Ketut Wijaya leads a very busy daily life. With the world on hold right now, the Balinese man is using this time to cherish beautiful moments with his family while also managing business in a new way.

Q: How has the current situation changed your daily and business life?

Ketut Wijaya: Right now, we’re in the acceleration process towards digital living. During this situation, kids are studying at home, while the team and I have had to split and take turns working from home, while still continuing our discussions and meetings by video conferencing. We are now accustomed to doing our work from anywhere and at any time, not being limited to a place and time, while remaining coordinated.

Business-wise, we are reprioritizing key activities that are relevant to the situation and maximizing the impact with limited operations so that the business can continue to grow, while also minimizing the risk.

Another thing to note is that this pandemic is also teaching us the importance of frequent handwashing, wearing masks, physical distancing and avoiding crowds, eating healthy and having enough rest to maintain immunity as daily habits. Be grateful for the health we have. Welcome to the new lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle.

Q: What banking products would you recommend that your customers use during this situation?

K: Products such as debit and credit cards are still important in moments like this, in addition to investment and insurance products. Digital services are certainly the most relevant, products such as Internet banking or mobile applications can help you get everything done, from opening a new account, to online payments, transferring funds to investments, all without having to go to the bank. Everything can be solved with a mobile phone.

Q: What do you most miss, but can’t do now, due to the situation?

K: Funnily enough, I do miss face-to-face interaction with my extended family and friends, and having dinner or lunch with business partners, while working on future opportunities, but 
we can still do this through video conferencing. Although the atmosphere is different and more formal with video calls, we have to adjust to the new normal.

Q: What is the first country you want to visit when the situation returns to normal and why?

K: Although I still like Bali, I want to be able to return to Japan soon because of the atmosphere, culture and food, which is very authentic.

Q: What tips do you have for people out there to stay positive and healthy?

K: Think back on what we missed when we were busy, now is the time to get it back. Spend more time with the family, live a healthier life and explore your hidden hobbies and talents, while also contributing to social activities that can help others. Trust me, that’s priceless!


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