Make Room, 4 Dessert!

Make Room, 4 Dessert!


Room4Dessert was once one of New York’s most talked-about dessert bars, and owner, Will Goldfarb – Pastry Chef of KU DE TA – has never been content with its closing since he packed up and headed for Bali. So, after its still-glittering reputation in New York, Chef Will Goldfarb has recently relaunched his beloved Room4Dessert project, this time, right here on the Island of the Gods.

The late night dessert bar can be found close by to the mythic Naughty Nuri’s warung in picturesque Ubud, with designer Giuseppe Verdacchi presenting an urban vision of decadence and deliciousness in its interiors. A hand-painted cathedral ceiling and a reclaimed steel beam sets the stage for the bar, where all desserts are made right in front of each guest.

Delicious and innovative, all of the sweet creations go back to basics when it comes to the ingredients. Butter, yogurt and praline pastes are all ground or mixed by hand and they feature the best of local ingredients from the farms of Bali, like Big Tree Farms’ raw cacao products, palm sugars, salts and spices.

Look out for The Sugar Refinery – a classic Will Goldfarb dessert featuring palm sugar whipped cream, a palm sugar chocolate Toblerone, soursop ice and a “Balinese” meringue – a symphony of texture and sweetness carefully balanced with acidity and bitterness. The Loneliness Redux is another great signature; two feather light cashew sponges made with soy milk bubbles and flavoured with local honey and cardamon.

To join the decadent desserts, Room4Dessert will also serve up prohibition-inspired speakeasy cocktails and fine wines amidst the post-industrial setting – after all, it is a late night bar. Each drink has been designed by Chef Goldfarb himself, and each one has been created in a way that complements the desserts.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 6PM until late, Room4Dessert’s sultry copper bar also serves up dessert tastings on custom porcelain so you can get a taste of everything there is to offer.

See you at the bar!