Martini Innovations

Martini Innovations

From the city’s first ever Chocolate Martini Cake to an array of thematic Martini cocktails, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is proving once again that great hospitality and culinary innovations go a very long way.


Inspired by the beloved Dharmawangsa Chocolate Martini, The Dharmawangsa Jakarta has launched its very own Chocolate Martini Cake as the latest addition to the Cake Shop’s signatures. Especially designed and created by renowned Chef Vindex Tengker and his pastry team, this new signature cake is a vanilla-based treat infused with The Dharmawangsa Chocolate Martini ingredients, which consist of vodka and crème de cacao, a rich and luscious martini mousse and crunchy royaltine.

A velvety white chocolate glaze coats the top layer of the cake, followed by a smooth and creamy texture of chocolate Martini mousse, where a hint of vodka is balanced by a perfected sweetness. Somewhere between the smooth and creamy goodness, a layer of crispy royaltine makes a fine twist to the cake’s rich texture. With its ideal balance of premium ingredients and robust cake flavours, the new creation is one of the most innovative desserts in town. To get a taste of this irresistible treat, you need to place your order 24 hours in advance, and to prevent the alcohol from evaporating, the Chocolate Martini Cake is only available in one size of 18cm.

The hotel’s innovation doesn’t stop there though. While the Cake Shop has done its homework with new cake inventions, Majapahit Lounge also expands its Martini collection with the James Bond Martini series, inspired by the man himself. His famous Bond girls are not forgotten, with cocktails named after Tatiana Romanova, Pussy Galore and Kissy Suzuki – shaken, not stirred, of course.