Gilles Marx

Gilles Marx

Chef Founder at AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant

Few chefs can match the glittering credentials of Chef Founder Gilles Marx of AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant. Ever since opening its doors late in 2010, AMUZ has consistently occupied the highest strata of Jakarta’s fine-dining scene. The collection of awards and plaudits the establishment has chalked up would be the pride of any restaurateur. However, far from complacency, Chef Gilles strives to continually better his exceptional achievements.

Originating in the idyllic French countryside, Chef Gilles grew up surrounded by fresh and bountiful produce; its influence is clear in his dedication later on in his career to source only the best seasonal ingredients. Chef Gilles first fell in love with restaurants during his youth, when he worked in numerous kitchens. Stints at various Michelin-starred establishments all across Europe followed, before his culinary journey took him to Australia and exotic Southeast Asia.

Roasted Brittany Blue Lobster

The signature dish at AMUZ is its pan-roasted Brittany blue lobster – cooked to perfection, the lobster is outstandingly succulent, paired perfectly with white coco and edamame bean ragout, finished with semi-dry tomato and garlic emulsion.

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