Meet Me at Mitzo

Meet Me at Mitzo

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A dining and hangout destination where Cantonese meets cocktails.

Ensconced on the fourth floor of the Grand Park Orchard Hotel is Mitzo, a destination that combines hearty Cantonese cuisine with an artisanal cocktail programme. While the restaurant pays homage to traditional Cantonese fare with a contemporary twist, the vibe is all modern – with full-length windows that offer natural daylight and glass screens, inspired by the ubiquitous screens in Chinese culture. The main dining area is spacious, leading to a deeper and longer area, divided into sections for a more private dining experience.

The menu at Mitzo stays true to the authentic philosophy of Cantonese cuisine, where fresh and quality ingredients are key, and familiarity plays a big part. Comprising an extensive à la carte menu and curated supper menu, diners can find regional premium specials like sea cucumber stuffed with shrimp and bird’s nest, lobster claw stuffed with shrimps and sea cucumber and braised abalone in oyster sauce, among others.

A visit to a Chinese restaurant wouldn’t be complete without a selection of hearty and warming soups. Highlights of this section include braised fish maw with seafood in golden carrot broth, braised lobster soup with crab meat and tofu and hot and sour soup with fresh crab meat. You can also opt for the chef’s special soup of the day or the chef’s special abalone soup of the day. The dim sum section offers a unique and modern selection, made from premium ingredients, like royal shrimp dumpling topped with black caviar, steamed double-boiled duck soup dumpling, baby abalone dumping, salted egg puff stuffed with truffle seafood and cheese escargot puffs.

The aforementioned delicacies are just a little tip of the delicious iceberg, as Mitzo offers alluring appetisers, rice and noodle dishes, and exquisite dishes crafted around seafood like scallops and lobsters, poultry such as duck and chicken, and red meats including lamb, venison and beef.

Dimsum & Cocktails

That being said, Mitzo is more than just a lavish and modern take on Cantonese fare, as it also takes pride in its cocktail selection, concocted from carefully and daily sourced produce and herbs, and unrivalled attention to detail by Mitzo’s cocktail craftsmen. These cocktails are best enjoyed at the finest seats in the house, the Cocktail Atelier. The bar is adorned with a 3m long jellyfish tank and a glittering bar top.

Add to all that the curated music accompanying your time at Mitzo – from nu disco and neo soul grooves like Satin Jackets and Miguel Migs during the day and evening, to the faster tempo deep house later in the night – and you’ll get a one-stop destination for superb dining, meticulous cocktails and an overall good time.

Grand Park Orchard
270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857
T: +6566038855