The Winner of Exquisite Awards 2022 – Best Casual Japanese Restaurant: OKAYU...

The Winner of Exquisite Awards 2022 – Best Casual Japanese Restaurant: OKAYU ŌSHŌ

The Winner of Exquisite Awards 2022 – Best Casual Japanese Restaurant: OKAYU ŌSHŌ

Fresh Sashimi

Located in the popular Batavia Cove of Pantai Indah Kapuk’s ever growing F&B district, Okayu Ōshō is the area’s designated modern Japanese spot. The latest in Chef Mandif Warokka’s long list of establishments, his take on porridge and other homey Japanese cuisines has grabbed the attention of the capital’s food lovers.

Okayu Ōshō offers a pleasing blend of Japanese gastronomy and Balinese hospitality, evident from its signature Okayu porridge bowls. Made from polished Ayanishiki rice and served with premium toppings of your choosing, such as Australian wagyu, swordfish cheek (mekajiki hoho niku), bluefin toro, and Chef Mandif’s dearest creation, bone marrow (gyukotsuzui), the Okayu porridge selection definitely leaves a delectable impression. The restaurant also takes pride in maintaining the best quality of its sushi, only serving them in a single service – even if this means cooking a new batch of rice for every order. 

The casual Japanese joint also serves staple izakaya nibbles, from small plates, or tapasu, encompassing an impressively eclectic choice ranging from edamame, yamitsuki cabbage and grilled Japanese pepper, to the more curious, such as stingray fin (eihire), soft chicken bone (nankatsuage), and an assortment of homemade pickles (tsukemono moriawase). Meanwhile, the yakitori is cooked using bincho-tan, or Japanese white charcoal, known for its slow cook, making it perfect for the grill. The selection has everything from quail eggs (uzura) and thigh (negima) to skin (kawa) and tenderloin (mune).

As for the hospitality part, the architecture is Chef Mandif’s own brainchild, assisted by the brickwork of Balinese house-maker Ketut Jon, who brought bricks straight from a village in the Keramas region in Bali. Inspired by Japanese temples, the design strikes a balance between elements, especially when complimented by the carpentry of woodworker Wayan Patra. Rounding up the visual aesthetic, is the shodo – Japanese calligraphy – curated by Fajri Muhammad for the restaurant’s emblem.  


  • Bone marrow porridge
  • Fresh sashimi
  • Bluefin toro

Okayu Ōshō

Cove at Batavia

Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk

Jakarta 14470, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81210107194