Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Iberico Pork with Butter and Pepper

at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

The dramatic entranceway into Pearl Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, with a deep red wall reflecting the towering modern latticework doors, is an apt introduction to the gourmet delicacies awaiting discerning diners. The modern theme continues with the food carefully crafted by the executive Chinese chef, whose contemporary Cantonese dishes capture familiar flavours and marry them with ingredients not often seen in Chinese restaurants.

The à la carte menu presents a variety of treasures to tempt those seeking a culinary adventure, alongside plenty of firm favourites, all presented with culinary panache garnered from the chef’s over 25 years of experience in world-class establishments. Some of the newer items that have already become firm favourites with Pearl’s loyal fans include the sweet and savoury handmade mango prawn balls and the succulent Iberico pork that requires nothing more than simply butter and pepper to bring out the richness. Be sure not to miss the foie gras Peking duck with pearl rice or the caramelized wild salmon with citrus. The menu is extensive and includes all the dishes you would hope to find cooked to tempt all palates.

Meanwhile, ideal for family Sundays, is the extensive Dimsumlicious, an all-you-can-eat dim sum experience with more than 40 made-to-order delicacies as the showpiece of a culinary experience that includes appetisers, soups and desserts.


  • Sunday Dimsumlicious brunch
  • Foie gras Peking duck
  • Iberico pork with butter and pepper

Pearl Chinese Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jalan DR Ida Anak Agung Gde Agung
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
T: +622157988888

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