Skin Food at its Finest

Skin Food at its Finest


Once reserved strictly for royalty, caviar is synonymous with extravagance – a delicacy so treasured that the Queen of England still insists on serving it at her banquet tables. So with a worldwide reputation of equal grandeur, it may come as no surprise that The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas is lavishing this luxurious specialty into one of its spa treatments: 

As the crème de la crème of caviar, Golden Caviar is a fine and rare form of the prized delicacy. More than simply just “fish eggs”, caviar must be sourced from a particular Sturgeon fish in order to be classified as the true ‘brand’, similar to a ‘real’ Champagne or Cheddar cheese. Only the Sturgeon fish gives Golden Caviar its unique flavour, as well as packing it full of nutrients and feel-good qualities to make you feel gorgeous on the inside and out.

The Benefits of golden caviar
Rich in vitamins and a high source of iron and omega-3 fatty acids, many people swear by a teaspoon of caviar a day to keep the doctor away. It is also touted to be an aphrodisiac, as well as helping to inhibit hangovers thanks to its high content of acetylcholine which lines the stomach and increases the body’s tolerance to alcohol (and is also believed to play a key role in memory retention).

Yet when applied to the skin in the form of a caviar extract, this five star delicacy offers a whole new world of benefits. Firstly, it is said to activate the skin’s metabolism and microcirculation which alleviates lines and small wrinkles whilst preventing premature skin ageing. It also promotes the skin’s ability to bind moisture, which balances moisture levels to avoid dryness or oiliness leaving complexions more radiant, nourished and protected.

At Mulia Spa, these beautifying powers from the sea unite with pure luxury, because the Exquisite Golden Caviar Facial fuses a number of skin-kissing ingredients to augment and support the sumptuous effects of the caviar. For example, soy protein is used to stimulate skin functions, while shea butter provides optimal moisturisation. Lactic Acid Bacterium Lysate boosts the skin’s immune system giving it valuable protection against environmental factors such as sunlight, preventing sun damage and the adverse effects of free radicals by supporting the skin’s natural regenerative processes. And finally, Squaline gently coats and smoothes the skin, leave it feeling sensational.


The Journey
The Mulia Spa journey begins the moment you arrive at the spa doors, greeted by trickling infinity ponds and a brilliant blue painting representing Zen, encouraging you to leave all your troubles behind before entering into the dimension of well-being and relaxation.

The spa lobby is a cool and calm palette of creamy marble and light wood. Grand pillars stretch toward the high ceilings, reminiscent of an Ancient Grecian temple complete with voluted engravings on vintage-chic coffee tables. I snuggle in to one of the lobby sofas, admiring the sweet yet spicy aromas of ginger and lemongrass radiating throughout the spa. Scent soon turns to taste as a Red Ginger Coolant welcomes me from the Spa Beverage Bar, serving natural healthy and local grown fruit, juices and herbal infusions.

As I sip on the icy cocktail I am introduced to my therapist, Tirta (or more accurately, esthetician – a trained specialist in facials) who joins me on the sofa to discuss my skincare needs. What follows next is what truly sets Mulia Spa apart. Tirta conducts a detailed and personalised skin consultation according to the CIDESCO Aesthetic standard – the world’s major international beauty therapy association. Every aspect of my skin and face is analysed (without being too intrusive) to tailor the treatment according to my skin’s needs. Tirta not only uses her own professional judgement, she also thoughtfully focusses on my own facial insecurities to ensure I leave feeling thoroughly satisfied.

Dressed in a crisp robe and a pair of fluffy Mulia slippers, I follow Tirta to one of the twenty treatment rooms. It is decorated in hues of creams and gentle golds and harmonised with natural woods; a blank canvas for thoughts of nothing but purity. Soft chimes melodically woo me into a world of serenity, making the pleasingly heavy duvet adorning the massage bed a particularly welcomed sight.

Thoroughly tucked in and wonderfully relaxed, the regenerating therapy commences with a meticulous and milky cleanse and tone ritual to clear the pores. My skin is already tingling with a feeling of freshness, further enhanced by a deep exfoliation leaving my skin purified, smooth and rehydrated. Thanks to the use of exquisite ingredients and the professional touch from Tirta, what is usually a simple everyday facial regime is transformed into something incredibly luxurious.

With my skin well and truly prepped, Tirta generously lathers on a precious Golden Caviar serum. It is as soft as silk and delivers the essential vitamins and high quality minerals of caviar in the purest, most concentrated form. I can feel every pore relishing in this blanket of indulgence. To my skin’s delight, the absorption of the serum is enhanced by an energising facial massage to clear any puffiness in my face and eyes. The massage drains away unwanted toxins and fluid toward the Lymph nodes by relaxing contracted muscles and increasing circulation.

Next is a velvety face mask, infused with that all-important caviar extract and finished with a veil of powdery Rose fragrance. This part of the treatment soaks my skin with crucial antioxidants and moisture to sumptuously sink these high-carat ingredients into my complexion. Whilst I enjoy this heavenly mask, Tirta works her magic on my hands and arms, releasing tension from these neglected areas before finishing with a blissful Balinese Scalp Massage. Using intense strokes and finger movement, Tirta releases pressure from my neck, slowly making her way to the crown of my head as if working out any stresses from within and pushing them out of the crown chakra.

To top off the complete experience, the treatment concludes with a multi-concentrated serum that uses anti ageing skin plumping ingredients. Tirta carefully dabs my eye area to brighten and smooth lines and wrinkles, leaving my entire face feeling nourished, rejuvenated and perfectly polished. The creams, serums and masks have left my skin feeling additively soft, to the point I can barely keep my hands off my cheeks to get one last feel of the velvety goodness before it melts into each and every one of my pampered pores.

Mulia Spa
Mulia Spa is one of the finest, most luxurious resort spas in Bali; a true retreat in a tranquil oasis. In addition to the twenty treatments rooms, the state-of-the-art spa features Asia Pacific’s only Ice Fountain Room complete with Chromatherapy Chakra cleansing colours and a hydro-tonic pool with hot and cold water pools, perfect for boosting the metabolism, detoxing and relieving aching joints. The spa also boasts a Sweet Spa Finnish wood sauna with Eucalyptus fragrance, an Aroma Steam Room and an outdoor Meditation Area.

Adapting to the principal of the ancient spa wisdom, “Senus Per Aquam” – or “healing through water” – Mulia Spa offers a holistic approach to all spa lovers. Complete with internationally certified and skilled therapists, all personal wellbeing and reawakening treatments are offered with a comprehensive treatment menu of Balinese, Indonesian and a fusion of Asian and western techniques suited to each guest’s personal needs, creating a heavenly journey of synergy, equilibrium and rejuvenation.