Sous Chef for Kubu at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve: Anak Agung Rai...

Sous Chef for Kubu at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve: Anak Agung Rai Kamajaya


E: What has been your biggest influence for your work at Kubu?

Agung: If someone thinks that they have cooked perfectly, then there’s something wrong. I don’t want to be satisfied with what I make, because I think there’s always room for improvement. That’s what I use as the drive for my inspiration.

E: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve come across at Kubu and how did you overcome it?

A: My biggest challenge is to ensure that every single diner has the same dining experience, despite their different preferences in taste. I need to make sure that I can meet and exceed all their expectations so they leave Kubu feeling happy and take home an experience of a lifetime. To overcome this challenge, I need to make sure I am an effective listener when I converse with our guests, so I can fully understand what they are expecting from the dinner experience. 

E: Do you see yourself more as a team leader or team player?

A: I see myself both as a team leader and a team player, as a leader I need to be able to encourage the team to be team players, because in the kitchen we rely heavily on teamwork to get everything done perfectly, from preparation to cooking, presenting and serving the best dishes to the diners. The only way to accomplish all that is to be a team player.

E: What do you think of Indonesia’s F&B scene in general and what do you hope to see in the future?

A: I think the F&B scene in Indonesia is comparable to some of the best in the world because of its robust and unique characteristic in flavours and traditions. I hope the culinary scene in Indonesia will keep growing and expanding, producing memorable dishes and experiences for both domestic and international diners. The ultimate goal is to see more restaurants from Indonesia listed in the top restaurants of the world.

Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Jalan Kedewatan, Ubud

Bali 80571, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3614792777


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