Talented Chef: Joan Achour – Chef de Cuisine of AKASA Restaurant &...

Talented Chef: Joan Achour – Chef de Cuisine of AKASA Restaurant & Bar at Jumeirah Bali

Ever since its grand opening, AKASA Restaurant & Bar at Jumeirah Bali, helmed by Chef de Cuisine Joan Achour has been a beacon of culinary innovation, tantalising taste buds with its premium flame-grilled dishes infused with Asian influences.

Joan Achour

Situated in an elevated beachfront corner of the resort, AKASA offers more than just a meal – it presents an experience. With sprawling vistas of the majestic Indian Ocean and a verdant golf course, this dining haven boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that paint a mesmerising canvas of natural beauty.

Step inside and be greeted by an interior that exudes timeless elegance, adorned with understated gold accents reminiscent of Javanese grandeur. The al fresco section provides a relaxed outdoor setting, allowing guests to bask in ocean panoramas while enjoying captivating sunsets by the fire pit tables.

The menu at AKASA is a symphony of flame-grilled delights, showcasing a fusion of seafood and premium meats intertwined with Asian inspirations. Inspired by Balinese family-style dining, the menu encourages sharing, inviting guests to embark on a culinary journey with loved ones. Each dish resonates with rich, smoky flavours inherent to Bali, featuring nuanced hints from Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines. The tantalising scents released by aromatic wood-fired flames set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

E: How did you first get into the culinary industry?
A: When I was younger, I always had a passion for cooking and painting. I took drawing classes every week at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. I’ve always had a special interest in all things handcrafted. At home, I was the one who was cooking for everyone and I loved that, so for me, it was obvious that I wanted to do this all my life. Then, at 15, I had to decide and pick a direction. It was a very important choice to make, and I went to catering school to pursue a culinary path, that was the start of a great love story.

E: How would you define AKASA Restaurant & Bar to those who have never been to the restaurant?
A: I would say it is the epitome of dining with an incredible view. AKASA is very romantic as well, the whole ambience and the combination of the dark of the night and the fire pit colours is perfect to spend a warm evening dinner. Beyond the stunning panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, which is perfect for watching the sunset, AKASA is the spot to enjoy an array of contemporary dishes that revolve around quality meat produced using several techniques and flame-grilled methods. If you’re not a fan of meat, we also serve seafood dishes, which happens to also be one of our signature dishes, the banana leaf seabass. Our truffle tenderloin is also one that must not be missed. Additionally, our al fresco bar also welcomes guests who would love to indulge in an extensive cocktail menu, serving classic cocktails and our special unique creations. Whichever cocktails you choose, it is best to sip here at AKASA during sunset.

E: How do you think AKASA Restaurant & Bar’s concept fits into the Jumeirah Bali as a whole resort?
A: With the story of Jumeirah Bali being the majestic water palace, the presence of AKASA creates a more modern and contemporary twist to the resort overall. Situated on the southern tip of the resort, we envision AKASA to lean towards casual luxury. It’s a casual yet elegant dining restaurant. When you enter AKASA, you will be greeted by the open kitchen. You can see the meat dry-ager, the wood-fire grill and all the chefs in action during the service time. Personally, I prefer having no barriers between myself and our guests, creating a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Many guests come to us and have a chat with me or my team as we explain the dishes we are preparing.

E: You’ve been in the industry for quite a long time. How do you keep the ideas and creativity coming?
A: I never stop seeking and discovering new things. These days, we’re lucky enough to have access to so much information and I make the most of it. I also read and document a lot. Creativity often comes from my travels, so I always keep a notepad with me everywhere I go to write down new ideas so I don’t forget them. I believe that travelling is the best way to discover new products and cooking methods, and that is really fascinating to me. New ideas can just pop up any time because of a scent I smell, a colour I see or a taste I try.

Lobster Carpaccio

E: What or who has been your biggest source of inspiration in your crafts?
My travels and the people I encounter during my journeys. Whether in Bali, Asia in general or Europe, I draw a lot of inspiration from people’s eating habits. I find it incredible; it says a lot about a country’s culture and history. It would be very difficult to name just one person as well. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very talented chefs over the last few years, all of whom in their own way have helped and enriched me, both professionally and on a human level.

E: In your opinion, what does it take to be a great chef?
A: Teamwork. We’re used to the saying, alone we go faster, but together we go further, and it’s true. Above all, cooking is about sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience. You can learn from everyone, and that’s the beauty of this profession.  


  • Lobster Carpaccio
  • Truffle Tenderloin
  • Flame-Grilled Tuna Tartare

Exquisite Taste Volume 42

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