Unique Fusion of Flavours at Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar

Unique Fusion of Flavours at Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar

Nestled within the elegant confines of DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro, Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar offers a dining escapade unlike any other.

Brandy Steak

Embracing the essence of fusion cuisine, the culinary haven that is Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro effortlessly merges the richness of western delicacies with the tantalising essence of Indonesian flavours, inviting patrons on an exceptional gastronomic journey.

Elevating the dining experience, Sea Grain’s setting on the hotel’s third level exudes contemporary charm, offering guests a choice between the intimate indoor space adorned with an inviting ambience or the semi-outdoor areas boasting breathtaking views of Jakarta’s skyline. For those seeking exclusivity, the restaurant graciously provides two private dining rooms.

The menu presents a cacophony of flavours that promises to entice discerning palates. Among the chef’s recommendations stands the Brandy Steak, a premium 250g grilled rib-eye artfully accompanied by roasted tomato, baby carrots and hand-cut fries made from the famed Cilembu sweet potatoes of West Java. The theatrical flourish of the chef’s brandy sauce flambé adds a delightful smoky nuance to the tender meat.

Seafood aficionados are in for a treat with the salted baked sea bass – an experience in itself. Encased within a crust of sea salt, the fish is ceremoniously revealed at the guest’s table, accompanied by creamed spinach, boiled pandan butter potatoes and an infusion of cream Woku sauce from North Sulawesi, harmonising juicy flavours with a hint of savoury freshness.

The appetiser selection offers roasted Australian bone marrow, complemented by beef Maranggi and Rendang mayonnaise – simply divine. The escargot vol au vent, infused with Balado butter – a local West Sumatran sauce, delivers a fusion of local and international tastes. Meanwhile, the steak tartare, featuring fresh wagyu tenderloin and locally sourced sweet potato chips, is a savoury prelude to the culinary adventure ahead.

Salted Baked Sea Bass

For the perfect accompaniment to these gastronomic wonders, the signature cocktails at the bar stand as true exemplars of innovation. The Cosmo Banana, a playful concoction, delights the senses with its fusion of Ambon banana and cranberry, enhanced further by the different coloured sunglasses. Alternatively, the Margarita Kecombrang offers a refreshing burst, combining sour notes with a hint of orange and the invigorating aroma of kecombrang, a local ginger variety.

Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro isn’t just a dining destination; it’s an expedition into the heart of inventive culinary craftsmanship. With each dish and sip, patrons are treated not just to flavours but to an experience that celebrates the art of fusion cuisine.  

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Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar

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