VistaJet’s Mid-Autumn Festival Looks To Put All Others To Shame

VistaJet’s Mid-Autumn Festival Looks To Put All Others To Shame

In an autumn like no other, VistaJet flys high between the sparkles of the cities below and the skies above.

VistaJet is taking festivities to new heights this autumn, curating scenery 45,000 feet above ground. As many look for the best view of the night sky, the airliner is taking celebrations to the sky with the Full Moon on Board experience.

Between fun and games high in the sky, Fortnum & Mason’s sparkling tea concoctions and traditional mooncakes, VistaJet passengers are covered in the most spectacular way. Meals are made specifically for the way high altitude affects the taste and texture of each bite, while tea-infused drinks make a great chase.
Within the comfort of their seat, guests can craft elegant paper lanterns that glow warmth and mystery, while decorating their customisable mooncakes to pay tribute to lunar legends. The rich history of this month’s celestial occasion will be visualised in the magic of storytelling, while the VistaJet cabin turns into a party venue for all to enjoy.

For this year’s moon festival, no matter whether it’s a short-haul flight within the region to visit families and friends, or flying loved ones to the other end of the world for an exotic holiday, clients can count on Vista Members’ fleet of over 360 aircraft to take them anywhere in comfort and in care.

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