Precious Culinary Treasures at John Hardy

Precious Culinary Treasures at John Hardy

Embracing fresh culinary horizons, reimagined dining encounters, and an elevated cocktail selection, John Hardy Seminyak invites patrons to savour the essence of Indonesian cuisine through unparalleled dining experiences in Bali.

Renowned for its commitment to sustainable luxury jewellery and meticulous artistry, the essence of John Hardy’s ethos extends to preserving local traditions and culture. In a symphony of flavours and cultural immersion, John Hardy Seminyak showcases this philosophy within its splendid two-story boutique and gallery nestled along Jalan Petitenget.


The iconic Long Table Lunch, where connections are created, is a good place to start. Then there are the sought-after Sunset Picnics, making the most of John Hardy Seminyak’s enchanting garden and temple backdrop; as well as Kudapan, paying homage to one of Indonesian traditions.

While the special offerings like Kudapan and The Long Table Lunch demand reservations a day in advance, the Sunset Picnics are available from Friday to Sunday afternoon without bookings required. In addition, an enticing array of shared plates from The Kitchen and meticulously crafted cocktails (with or sans alcohol) await walk-in patrons throughout the day.

Every dish on the menu emanates from Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage, each presentation a masterpiece of affordability and aesthetic allure. Add to that the selections of artisanal coffee and custom-blended tea, and you will get a dining and drinking experience to remember.


Sunset Picnics unveil a spectacle under terracotta umbrellas on the garden terraces. Imagine yourself lounging back on the traditional straw mats, embellished with cushions, while savouring evocative cocktails and culinary creations drawn from The Kitchen’s all-day menu and the Legends menu – a tribute to John Hardy’s iconic jewellery collection.

The Kudapan shares a glimpse into Indonesian households’ festive traditions, where local snacks crafted to be shared with friends and neighbours. It’s a cherished moment where ancestral recipes bind families together. Executive Chef Tomy Saputra explainss the inspiration as the gesture of serving sweet and savoury light bites and tea when welcoming guests into Indonesian homes.

The Long Table Lunch presents a monthly set menu complete with tea, coffee and dessert. Sourced from the diverse Indonesian archipelago, these recipes beckon communal enjoyment around the table, designed for gatherings of two to 24 guests. Here, the essence of Indonesian cuisine is savoured within a captivating ambiance, enhanced by a traditional coconut husk-fuelled fire that employs time-honoured cooking techniques. Legendary assorted sambals and krupuk accompany every dish, while the refreshing Es Campur, served tableside, unfolds as an experience in itself.

Crafted under the stewardship of Chef Tomy Saputra and local mixologist Yudi Permana, in collaboration with their team, John Hardy introduces menus inspired by Indonesia’s captivating culinary legacy. These offerings are steeped in generations-old recipes, elevated by indigenous ingredients, and set within spaces as meticulously designed as the acclaimed jewellery that has positioned John Hardy as a global emblem of distinction.

John Hardy Seminyak
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Bali 80361, Indonesia
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