Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Modern Japanese Restaurant: Maza

Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Modern Japanese Restaurant: Maza

Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Modern Japanese Restaurant:

Introducing a breath of fresh air to Jakarta’s culinary landscape, the contemporary Japanese dining establishment known as Maza eagerly beckons diners to partake in its culinary delights.

Hailing from the illustrious Altitude Group, renowned for its prowess in the world of fine dining, Maza stands as the latest jewel in its capital city collection. Maza commenced its culinary journey, swiftly capturing the hearts and palates of discerning patrons, particularly those with a penchant for Japanese cuisine.

Maza extends a warm invitation to its chic yet welcoming premises, encouraging patrons to linger and craft cherished memories. The menu, an ode to simplicity, showcases contemporary creations that celebrate the bounty of pristine, top-tier ingredients. From an array of globally sourced seafood to the finest cuts of wagyu beef, Maza leaves no stone unturned in its quest to please.

Tuna Pizza

The culinary journey begins with an impressive selection of over a dozen open temaki options, gracing the very first page of the menu. The culinary odyssey continues with a concise yet thoughtfully curated selection of sushi and sashimi, the latter exclusively served in the Nigiri style. 

Pushing the boundaries further, Maza presents a final menu section, divided between cold and hot culinary creations. The cold category boasts vibrant dishes like tuna pizza and zuke tataki jalapeno, where select fish varieties are complemented by zesty salsa ponzu. In contrast, the hot options include tantalising dishes like wagyu bone marrow rice and flaming Ishiyaki steak, accompanied by Maza’s signature steak sauce.

The captivating culinary experience is further enhanced by the restaurant’s inviting ambience. Seating options cater to various preferences, from cosy tables for two to spacious sofas accommodating up to eight diners. For a more intimate gathering, Maza offers three private rooms that can seamlessly merge into a larger event space. After indulging in a memorable meal, the illuminated bar awaits, ready to serve a selection of spirited nightcaps, such as the White Momo and Cuckoo Nest, the perfect denouement to an exceptional dining affair. Maza not only tantalises the taste buds but also envelops guests in an all-encompassing culinary and sensory journey.   

Exquisite Taste Volume 41


Menara Astra

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman

Jakarta 10250, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2150889837


IG: @maza.jakarta