Z. Zombie

Z. Zombie


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at The Queens Head, Jakarta.

After a decline in popularity through the 1970s, today, Tiki cocktails are enjoying something of revival in the hands of a modern breed of mixologists eager to explore their creative boundaries.

Tiki started over 80 years ago at the famous Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant was owned and run by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, better known as Donn Beach. Before opening what was to become one of Hollywood’s most famous watering holes, Donn had spent a lot of his life travelling around the tropics and this influenced his cocktails to the point he created a whole new genre.

Accredited with hundreds of concoctions, Donn invented the Zombie way back in 1934, a mix of fruit juices, liqueurs and rum. Inspired by the original, the Queen’s Head offers the glorious QH Zombie, a mix of spiced gold rum, Myers dark rum, triple sec, orange, pineapple and lime juice, sugarcane syrup and angostura bitters, flash mixed in a faced wooden Tiki mug, garnished with lime squeeze and half a passion fruit.


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