Agus Arimbawa

Agus Arimbawa

Agus Arimbawa

Altitude’s hard working General Manager is never too far away to make sure things always run smoothly. 


Q: So, how did you come to be the General Manager at Altitude, The Plaza?

A: I started my career in Jakarta by bringing in the brands Krispy Kreme and Pizza Marzano, Dominos Pizza in early 2000. After a few other F&B establishments, I went to work for luxury hotels, such as Holiday Inn and Grand Hyatt. Eventually I was offered my current position here in Altitude. Obviously I didn’t hesitate to accept.


Q: A typical day for you at Altitude–how would you describe it in just a few words?

A: In one word? Challenging. Our customers have high expectations of Altitude, and most of the time it is very challenging to ensure customer satisfaction. The environment is very dynamic and I have to be constantly on my toes. 


Q: So what is the toughest aspect of your job? And what is the most rewarding? 

A: Consistently exceeding what the customers expect. Some guests really appreciate the entire experience that we offer, but some would criticize our prices without considering that they’re not just purchasing top quality food here. Customer satisfaction is the most rewarding thing for me. If all my customers are happy for the entire day, I can sleep easy. 


Q: What is an under-appreciated aspect of Altitude at The Plaza that you think more people should know about? 

A: The integrated experience of Altitude as a whole. There’s nothing wrong with having a specific, repeated preference, of course, but our concept is a place that offers a multitude of leisurely experiences. After enjoying a great steak lunch at Gaia, you can experience high tea at Salt Grill, and then you can hang out at Cloud, for example. I think a wholesome experience like this is a shame to miss.


Q: Be honest, how fast would things fall apart if you weren’t around? 

A: I don’t like this question because it’s against my philosophy. We work as a team here, so with or without me, the show must go on. I don’t want things to fall apart. All of my staff and expat experts are professional and highly motivated. Besides, I’m practically always around. Even while away, I’m always informed and easily reachable.


Q: Who is another member of your team that you think deserves more recognition? 

A: I really appreciate the hard work of our General Managers. Daniel at Salt Grill, Alberto at Gaia, Tommy at Enmaru and Nadya as Bar and Lounge Manager. These are my trusted front liners. 


Q: What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve ever received from a customer? 

A: One customer at Gaia complained about the size of our pasta serving. Of course, the pasta is a pre-main course dish, so it’s not supposed to be big. It’s understandable that people don’t realize this, but the challenge is how to respond to complaints like these without making the customer look silly. Anyway now we adjust the pasta


Q: Would you mind sharing your recommendation for another restaurant in Jakarta and what your favourite dish there is? 

A: I’m crazy about Akira Back right now. The tuna pizza over there is really great. Outside the group, I’d have to say Amuz. 


Q: And finally, any advice for budding restaurateurs looking to break into the industry?

A: Competition is extremely high in the F&B industry in Indonesia right now. New restaurants need to have something unique to offer in order to keep up and penetrate the market. Originality and uniqueness is a must.


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