Bo Innovation

Bo Innovation

Sweet tomato

Self-taught and something of a global gastronomic megastar, Chef Alvin Leung calls his Bo Innovation dishes X-Treme Chinese cuisine; a fusion of modern techniques with innovative yet authentic Cantonese flavours created using some of the finest local and imported ingredients available.

Bo Innovation is one of only six restaurants in Hong Kong to currently hold three Michelin stars and is a magnet, not just for those who love Leung’s incredibly delicious and beautifully presented food, but for international jet-setters and culinary celebrities alike. It’s one of the hottest places to see and be seen in around Hong Kong and although, like Chef Alvin himself, it’s definitely rock-n-roll, it remains unpretentious.

Located on Johnston Road, it’s not the easiest restaurant to find, but the effort is well rewarded as diners discover a small, elegant and stylish restaurant serving up a myriad of astonishingly good X-Treme Chinese dishes.

The menu is huge and awash with creativity featuring an array of meat, seafood and vegetarian options supported by an exceptional drinks menu and wine list. For lunch choose dishes from either the Tasting Menu or the Set Lunch, whilst for dinner the choices are Red or Blue menus, all available individually paired with some superb wines.

Scallop with Shanghainese jolo sauce

Typical favourites include the delicate scallop with Shanghainese jolo (fermented red rice vinegar) sauce. Succulent seared scallop served with sweet peas, crispy rice and a drizzle of jolo sauce and a whole peeled tomato stewed in pat chun (Chinese vinegar). Served with fermented dehydrated Chinese olives, savoury marshmallow with green onion oil, this classic Cantonese combination is beautifully presented and the taste and texture combination is sublime.

TV personality and award-winning, Chef Alvin is something of an enigma and shares the distinction, along with Heston Blumenthal, of being the only two self-taught chefs to be awarded Michelin stars. In fact, like Blumenthal his style is based around molecular gastronomy, in his case fused with Cantonese cuisine and art.

Born in London, raised in Canada, after 20 years working as an engineer and with no culinary experience, he moved to Hong Kong and opened Bo Innovation. In 2012 the already Michelin-starred Bo London followed and in 2016 Bo Shanghai became the third of the Bo dynasty to throw open its doors. His passion and creativity are unrelenting, he blends cultures, styles and flavours with art and science, this is the very essence of fusion gastronomy.

I like to challenge people’s expectations, to surprise and to excite them. My aim is to have people say hey, that was the best meal I’ve ever had! and I just work backwards from that to turn Chinese food into creative fine dining, so people say, Let’s go and have Chinese as a treat.

Chef Alvin Leung

Bo Innovation 

60 Johnston Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

T: (+852) 28508371


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