Chicken & avocado tostado salad

Inspired by her time in Southern California, home to a vibrant food scene driven by years of migrants from around the globe introducing their own cuisines and adaptations to America, typified by restaurants along Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, Executive Chef Dolly Chia has brought the Wilshire experience to Jakarta.

Combining premium ingredients with cooking styles from many different cultures and backed by her Cordon Bleu training and years working in Michelin-starred restaurants, Chef Dolly’s dishes at Wilshire restaurant and bar are well-balanced and mouth-watering.

From kimchi steak burgers to crispy pork belly tacos, grilled cauliflower with Balinese sambal matah to sticky toffee date pudding, the flavours of divergent cultures have been brought together.

One popular dish is the Balinese risotto with satay lilit. The nutty, moist risotto rice, a staple of Italy, has been married with flavours typically found in Bali, from the Balinese spices in the rice, to the minced chicken satay and spicy sambal matah.

Another flavourful dish is Bananas Foster, inspired by Indonesia’s stewed banana kolak, this dessert takes on a Caribbean feel with the bananas sautéed in rum and caramel, then topped with vanilla ice cream.

Wilshire has an extensive drinks menu and suave, eclectic decor that is popular with Jakarta’s gourmands.


Jalan Senopati Raya No. 64, Kebayoran Baru,

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 217228129


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