Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique


When it first opened, it didn’t take long for Boy’N’Cow to rocket to the heart of carnivorous diners in Bali. With a location smack-dab by the strategic intersection of Seminyak and Sunset Road, the stylish industrial loft-style establishment surely catches the eyes of passers-by. Hip and homey, there is more than meets the eye at Boy’N’Cow. 

Taking centre stage is the meat selection, carefully curated and processed to perfection. Hand-picked from sustainable farms in Australia and the United States, the high-quality grain and grass-fed beef is dry-aged for 28 days before being paraded for your choosing. Speaking of dry-ageing, the restaurant takes pride in its own in-house dry-ageing area. 

When the juicy goodness is ready, chefs will break down the beef into succulent cuts and prepare it for the final step. Simplicity is key at Boy’N’Cow, as the culinary wiz uses only a little oil and Boy’N’Cow signature rub, before grilling the beef on a charcoal-fuelled gaucho grill – letting the meat quality shine on its own.

Bring your appetite and spare some time to really appreciate the highlights of this meat haven. The cut selection comprises striploin, rib eye, tenderloin and more. In addition, side dishes like Parma ham with 63-degree egg, mushroom and asparagus, beef striploin carpaccio, and the foie gras with port grape jam and toasted brioche are also to die for. 

The crowd favourites are definitely the steak tartare and bone marrow. And if you’re bringing a large group with a big enthusiasm for meat, opt for the 1kg Australian or USDA Tomahawk. Top it off with the restaurant’s signature cocktails and you’re good to go. 


  • USDA 1kg prime tomahawk
  • Australian 900g porterhouse
  • 60-day dry-aged sirloin wagyu

Boy’N’Cow Meat Boutique 

Jl. Raya Kerobokan 138, Seminyak, Bali, 80361

T: (+62) 3619348468