Corn & Spice

Corn & Spice

Tess Bar & Kitchen


Helmed by Steve Leong, Diageo world class finalist and award-winning bartender, the cocktail offerings at the recently opened Tess Bar & Kitchen are as innovative as you’d expect from a bar with these kind of credentials. Aside from the signature tequila-based Berry Beery Nice and the quirky Bak Kut Teh cocktail, our favourite is the Corn & Spice, and not simply because it’s a scrumptious mix of fine bourbon, but because we’ve never seen anything quite like this before. The Corn & Spice is an impressive mix of bourbon whiskey, a spicy pimento dram and a healthy dash of angostura bitters. Top that off with a weird and wonderful dollop of corn and somehow this simple addition transforms each sip into something strangely elaborate.


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