Truffles Whiskey

Truffles Whiskey

Maison Ikkoku


Thought up by Master Mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong, the bespoke Truffles Whiskey cocktail at one of Singapore’s coolest bars is an impressive mix of expert gastronomy and incredibly creative mixology. Made with imported fresh black truffles from Florence, aged with a premium whiskey for six months and infused with Maison Ikkoku’s home-roasted coffee beans, it’s fair to say you’ll struggle to find anything quite like this elsewhere in the world. The drink was inspired by Ethan’s visit to the truffle farms in Florence, where he decided to hand-pluck some truffles, bring them back to Asia and make them into an alcohol. He says: “simplicity is the key to perfection”, but we think he’s reached perfection through some pretty complex and very innovative techniques.


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