Eight Treasures

Eight Treasures


at Plaza Indonesia

Occupying an enviable space in Jakarta’s upscale Plaza Indonesia, Eight Treasures is one of the city’s most popular Chinese restaurants. Specialising in a steamboat style menu with a variety of broths to choose from, diners can savour top quality ingredients sourced meticulously by the restaurant’s discerning culinary team while enjoying the health benefits offered by the exquisite herbal soup bases.

Visitors to the restaurant will appreciate the restaurant’s luxurious interiors. The reception area boasts a sleek modern reception desk covered with lovely floral arrangements. A floor-to-ceiling wooden back wall occupies the space behind the desk, studded with tasteful copper ornaments. The main dining area features lofted ceilings, wooden partitions carved with geometrical patterns and hanging lamps casting illumination down on the dining area. Calming illustrations of sakura blossoms and women dressed in traditional oriental robes are spaced strategically throughout the dining space.

The menu offers four different soup bases to cater to all kinds of tastes. The shark cartilage soup is slow-simmered over 12 hours and is rich in collagen, which provides health benefits and is essential for a youthful skin complexion. For lovers of spicy food, the mala soup base, which incorporates ginseng and the famous Szechuan pepper corn is recommended. Diners can also choose from the more traditional herbal chicken soup as well as the more adventurous chicken/African coconut soup. The wide variety of vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, air-flown meat and seafood are sourced from the finest artisan suppliers by the restaurant. In addition, there are also set menus offered from which diners can enjoy a choice of soup bases, appetisers, meat, vegetables, and side dishes.

Eight Treasures

Plaza Indonesia

Jalan M.H.Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8119698688

E: reservation@8treasures.asia


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