Gado Gado’s Black Forest Pudding

Gado Gado’s Black Forest Pudding

Chez Gado Gado

gado_gado_black_puddingThe Black Forest Pudding at Chez Gado Gado is inspired by the famous gateaux, but it is a very different version to the classic – and we think it’s even better. It has all the key elements of your usual black forest dessert, like the chocolate, the whipped cream and the intense flavours of black cherry, but the way these elements are used is extremely innovative and downright delicious. The dessert sees three main parts: a chocolate brownie, a mixed berry sorbet and a chocolate and whipped cream mousse. Our favourite part is the brownie; a long, neat chocolate slither made with tiny crumbs of crunchy walnuts. It is then covered in a smooth chocolate ganache and sprinkled with a few intensely black cherries. Below, a schmear of a zesty berry coulis gives it that signature fruity flavour.

A dollop of the dark magenta-coloured sorbet then packs an incredible zest of mixed berries, surrounded by sprinkles of chocolate shavings. As it melts, it mixes with the velvety chocolate mousse that is hiding inside a white and milk chocolate ‘cage’, topped off with a puff of whipped cream. You’ll never settle for a normal Black Forest gateaux again. (

Chef Story: Quirijn “Quib” Rademaker
“Being bored by a number of sad Black Forest variations, I wanted to recreate this classic dessert in a lighter and more up-to-date way, while still highlighting the important ingredients. The official name of this dessert is actually Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, because it refers to the “Kirsch” cherry liquor I use to macerate the black cherries. I then use a high-quality Valrhona chocolate in the chiffon-like mousse, making it very rich yet very light due to the infusion of lots of air. I also cover the cake in a pure Valrhona granache, making each element extremely indulgent. We showcase the different elements individually so each guest can make their own bites, picking and choosing their own flavour combinations. I love how it tastes like a really great Black Forest Cake, while at the same time, it is lighter, fresher and looks a lot more interesting compared to a simple slice of cake.”

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