A Gastronomic Symphony at Potager

A Gastronomic Symphony at Potager

Potager welcomed the Best Restaurant in Asia 2023 and the three-Michelin-starred Odette to Kuala Lumpur.

In a fusion of culinary mastery, Kuala Lumpur’s rising star, Potager, played host to an extraordinary four-hand dinner with Singapore’s illustrious Odette. Held on 18 and 19 April 2024, this much-anticipated event saw Chef Masashi Horiuchi of Potager and Chef Julien Royer of Odette captivate gourmands and industry insiders alike with their culinary wizardry.

With a shared philosophy rooted in respect for terroir and a commitment to championing artisanal producers, Chef Horiuchi and Chef Royer crafted a menu that paid homage to the region’s bounty while showcasing their distinctive styles.

The menu featured an array of dishes that seamlessly blended the best of Potager and Odette. Every dish showcased the chefs’ creativity and skill, from Odette’s Saint Nectaire Cheese Doughnut to Potager’s Green Pea & Caviar Tart, which was topped with Tanjung Malim caviar.

Guests were treated to Potager’s Duck & Foie Gras, a decadent delight of confit duck, fig jam and brioche toast, followed by Odette’s Langoustine Ravioli, served with leek fondue and black truffle. The culinary journey continued with Potager’s Sawara, featuring smoked paprika mussel and Hokkaido scallop, and Odette’s Kampot Pepper Crusted Pigeon, accompanied by pigeon jus and koshihikari rice.

The evening ended in a symphony of desserts, with Potager’s Sorbet & Granita, crafted from local Malaysian fruits, and Odette’s Blanc, a heavenly concoction of Amazake and Hokkaido milk, leaving guests spellbound.

Throughout the dinner, the air was alive with laughter, conversation and the clinking of glasses, as guests toasted to the culinary brilliance before them. More than just a meal, Odette and Potager’s collaboration was a celebration of creativity, teamwork and a mutual love of food.


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