Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Proudly Introduces the Mustikarasa Programme

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Proudly Introduces the Mustikarasa Programme

The five-star hotel invites guest to join an exquisite journey through Indonesia’s culinary heritage.

 The Mustikarasa programme launched by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is a culinary celebration inspired by the historical Indonesian cookbook titled Mustika Rasa. This programme aims to revive and showcase the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia, offering guests an opportunity to experience the authentic flavours preserved in the pages of this celebrated book.

The Mustika Rasa cookbook holds significant cultural value, as it preserves traditional Indonesian recipes passed down through generations. By drawing inspiration from this historical resource, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta aims to pay homage to Indonesia’s culinary legacy while also introducing innovative interpretations of classic dishes.

The programme features a curated menu from Jakarta and beyond and celebrates how the historic port city of Sunda Kelapa has enriched modern Jakarta, weaving together local flavours with culinary traditions from Europe, Arabia, India and China to offer a uniquely diverse gastronomic journey.

Furthermore, the Mustikarasa rotation programme is a tribute to the diverse flavours that have shaped Indonesia’s culinary landscape, offering guests an opportunity to discover the essence of our nation through food to gain a deeper appreciation for Indonesia’s vibrant culture and heritage.

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