Kaum Bali at Potato Head Beach Club

Kaum Bali at Potato Head Beach Club

Gohu Ikan Tuna

Since its opening, Kaum Bali at the internationally famed Potato Head Beach Club has made quite a breakthrough in elevating Indonesian cuisine to another more polished level. At a time when most Indonesian restaurants served the more popular comfort dishes, Kaum was brave enough to introduce lesser-known dishes from the remoter regions of Indonesia.

Born out of more than three years of extensive and meticulous research, the menu is driven by a passion to preserve authentic Indonesian recipes, and by extension, history and culture. The name Kaum means tribe in Indonesian, and it explains the idea behind the restaurant, which is built upon the relationships formed by the restaurant’s masterminds with numerous ethnic tribes in Indonesia.

Every little step towards creating an authentic regional dish counts at Kaum, from researching authentic flavours and the best-quality ingredients, to collaborating with small-scale and responsible food producers. The result? Almost-extinct cooking techniques and forgotten recipes are back on the centrestage.

Serving a curated menu that is categorised into cuisines from the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimatan, Bali, Sulawesi and Maluku, diners can enjoy the dishes as they are supposed to be prepared and served. The grilling methods at Kaum follow the traditional bamboo grilling on lava stones, pit roasting and skewer grilling, while the elaborate sambals (with six variants) are manually ground with traditional mortar and pestle.

In true Indonesian dining fashion, Kaum offers an experience that is best enjoyed with loved ones. The varieties on the à la carte menu are crafted to be shared, allowing diners to taste as many delicacies as they can. For diners who are not familiar with the fare, however, selecting their meals from the extensive menu can be quite overwhelming. That’s where Kaum’s set menus come in. Foodies can choose from three categories: East Indonesia, Java and Bali and all throughout Indonesia.

The highlighted favourites include gohu ikan tuna. This Indonesian version of ceviche is made from fresh tuna that has been marinated in coconut oil, fresh calamansi juice and fresh belimbing, before being served with kenari nuts, ginseng leaves and rice crackers.

Babi Genyol

When it comes to its beverage menu, Kaum also incorporates indigenous ingredients in its Kaum Collection Cocktails – from exotic fruits, to roots, herbs, flowers and spices, resulting in a selection of refreshing tipples that work perfectly with the tropical climate.

Take the Kaum Klepon Cocktail, for example. Drawing inspiration from Indonesia’s beloved sweet treat klepon, the concoction comprises salted dark rum, bourbon, mesui-infused arak, coconut and pandan reduction, coconut cream, palm sugar and Indonesian sweet spices – a flavour reminiscent of the sweet snack presented in a whole new look.

Helmed by Balinese Executive Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa, Kaum Bali aims to give diners not only unforgettable flavours but also dining experiences to remember. Wayan himself has been dabbling in the culinary world since he was young.

“I used to help my mother and grandmother in the kitchen making Bali’s favourite dish, tipat cantok, and go to traditional market to shop for the ingredients,” said Wayan.

Add to that his elaborate experience in the culinary industry, and any diner can feel his passion coming alive through his dishes.

Must try:

  • Gohu Ikan Tuna
  • Nasi Goreng Mawut Ayam Asap
  • Babi Genyol

Potato Head Beach Club
Jalan Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak
Bali 80361, Indonesia
T: (+62) 3613007990
E: reservations.bali@kaum.com

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