Lewin Terrace

Lewin Terrace

Roast venison

Nestled quietly away in Fort Canning’s lush greenery, Lewin Terrace is one of Singapore’s most impressive fusion restaurants. The old colonial building is a beautiful example of the finery of bygone years. With a classical black-and-white painted exterior and an interior that uses the spacious rooms to their full advantage, the restaurant reeks of elegance and style, a sophistication that is mirrored by the outstanding seasonal Japanese-French menu.

Open for dinner and lunch there are impressive à la carte menus, including a vegetarian selection, as well as seasonal taster menus with optional wine-pairing and a three-course lunch. Backed by a solid selection of premium sake, spirits, cocktails, wines and a large range of excellent non-alcoholic drinks, the dining experience at Lewin Terrace, either inside or out on the open terrace, is exceptional.

The food crafted by Chef Matsumoto at Lewin Terrace is fusion cuisine at its most enticing. Pulling together dishes with influences and the freshest ingredients from Japan and France he combines cooking techniques and plating styles to craft a complex and very sophisticated menu bursting with taste and textures.     

From the Sho-Mi Autumn menu, available until the end of November, the roast venison is a typical seasonal dish. Two thick perfectly cooked pieces of roast venison sit aside a scoop of blanched, seasoned red cabbage. Drizzled in a rich yet non-oily jus the meat is topped off with a mix of juniper berries and pasta shells filled with Japanese celery root cream. It is a truly scrumptious dish.

Lewin Terrace 

21 Lewin Terrace

Singapore 179290

T: (+65) 63339905