Uma Nota

Uma Nota

quirky Brazilian-style boteco, Uma Nota casts a unique and delicious culinary shadow over Hong Kong’s Central district. Found on the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street, it’s the city’s first and only Brazilian-Japanese street food fusion restaurant.

The contemporary equivalent to the 19th century Bohemian cafés, botecos are famous throughout São Paulo as casual venues where the city’s artists, thinkers and trendy hipsters meet and talk over good food and drinks.

The exterior and interior design of Uma Nota pays homage to the boteco concept; it’s a fun place, unpretentious, comfortable and extremely welcoming. As you arrive you’ll pass the fabulous fresco. A Brazilian woman, laughing, adorned with a flowery headdress, a colourful representation of exactly what the restaurant is all about.

The menu builds upon the long history of Japanese migrants in São Paulo and sees Japanese preparation, sauces and cooking techniques meet with traditional Brazilian ingredients. No matter if you like it raw, tapas-style or skewered, the menu offers Brazilian dishes crafted to fully reflect São Paulo’s subtle and not-so-subtle Japanese-inspired flavours.

Check out the pasteís de espinafre e queijo, Brazilian-style fried wontons with spinach, mushroom and ricotta cheese or for meat lovers, the costela de porco; succulent slow-cooked ribs in zesty chili marinade served up with baby potato salad.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include a tangy red snapper, prawn and calamari ceviche served with aji amarillo chilli and coriander paste, plus the famous and mouth-watering coxinha, a deep-fried Brazilian dumpling with chicken and okra and served with a creamy homemade chili sauce.

Uma Nota 

38 Peel Street,

Central, Hong Kong

T: (+852) 28897576


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