N. Negroni

N. Negroni



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at Katamama

Located in the lobby of Katamama, The Potato Head Family’s swish new Seminyak hotel, Akademi is more than just a chic cocktail bar, it’s a social and creative hub for some of the world’s most celebrated and innovative mixologists. Headed up by the irrepressible Dre Masso, Akademi also champions the study and use of local and seasonal produce and has already earned a reputation for some of the most creative cocktails on the island. N is for Negroni and at Akademi Dre serves up what is surely a classic contemporary adaptation. Tanqueray gin, Brem wine, Campari, Bali grape arak, Aperol and red vermouth, mixed and served over ice in the signature old-fashioned ceramic glasses, garnished with dehydrated orange, fresh orange and orange zest… delicious!